Freitag, 28. Mai 2010

Happy Birthday

I´m back again! Last wednesday BF and me visited Düsseldorf, the german city with the largest japanese population outside of Japan. We wanted to go tomorrow first because it is Japan Day then which is celebrated anualy. But BF is in the middle of his exam so we decided to go there when it is less crowded and stressy.  I spend so much money that I can´t remenber the exact amount ;) So here is the booty (kitteh approved):

I like the new tableware most, even if i almost cried when I saw the price-tag... Actually I wanted to buy more things like cooking ingredients. But we ended up with lots of japanese candy, chocolates and snacks that we usually can´t find outside the web for a reasonable price. We brought also concentrated Calpico-Drink, that´s so handy and tastes awesome! And I am glad that I finally found a tamagoyaki-pan ( No ugly-shaped eggrolls anymore, yay!) at DaeYang (15€).

Later we went to Bakery Taka for some fresh choco-cornets, anpan and takoyakipan (sic!). That was so delicious. We wanted to go to dinner in a japanese restaurant, too, but it was literally raining cats and dogs and we didn´t wanted to wait two hours outside until the restaurant opened.

Tomorrow we will eat out at Tokyo-Acacia in Münster again because today is my birthday (and we are both too lazy to go today :)). Maybe I find some time to tell you what´s new on the menue there!

P.S. I´m so nervous about the Nekobento- Bento-Challenge (pics will follow when the challenge is over ;))