Sonntag, 24. Juli 2011

My little holiday....

was over so soon...

But I must admit that i wasn´t lazy. Here is what was going on in my kitchen the last few days:


Chicken-Chili with nacho and cheese-crust on rice
Baileys-Icecream-Cake (from Küchenzaubereien)...

...served with marinated strawberries

Delicious Pork and veggie filling...

...for Not- "Kare"-Pan

Everything combined in a bento

(added some fresh maki-sushi, grapes, mini-"Kinderschokolade", cucumbers, bananas and a "Snickers"- muffin)

There will be recipes when i find some time to translate them ;)

Freitag, 22. Juli 2011

Gewinnspiel auf Erdbeerkirsch!

Auf Kirschkuchen findet derzeit ein Gewinnspiel statt!

Es gibt tolle Preise zu gewinnen und auch ansonsten lohnt sich ein Besuch auf diesem tollen Blog immer wieder!


Please visit Kirschkuchen for a great lottery (Only if you´re from Germany, Austria or Switzerland or know someone who the pakage can be sent to!) and great japan, bento and food articles!

Mittwoch, 20. Juli 2011

A spaceshuttle landed in my kitchen

Some months ago, my mother was invited to a Vorwerk party. She got home with something that i wanted to have since i first heard of it: The Thermomix. When we were invited for dinner she made delicious fresh strawberry icecream in about 1 minute. My already very high level of jelousness went trough the top...but actually I still bothered about the price of it as well, that always kept me from buying one myself.

But Vorwerk offers an option with which a new born TM owner can get additional discount: Throw a party and invite the representant and help to sell her another TM to the guests. So my mother did, but the bargain was actually fail for her: As loving mothers are she bought the one needed for the discount for me as a birthday present...maybe she won the lottery and didn´t tell me...

I couldn´t believe it...when i was searching the web for recipes and how-to´s from time to time someone always would tell me: "Well you can do it that way...but if you want it easy and can afford it use a TM for it!". First i was very sceptical. There is no food processor that can do every task and can cook the processed food at the same time...well i was wrong. The more i read about it my interest grew and now i became a lucky TM owner over night.

Montag, 18. Juli 2011


On May 23th to 27th BF and I went to Prague.

Monday May 23th:

We went to Düsseldorf International Airport early in the morning by car. We had made a parking reservation there beforehand so we could just use our credit card as parking ticket. Unfortunately the parking area was quite a bit away from the departure terminal so we had to walk a little. Next time I know that high heels are definitely not an option for completing my travel outfit.

Dead AND Alive

I am currently trying to revive this blog...

Check list for today:

- Hack my own Flikr account because i forgot my password...
- Upload recent bento pics
- Make blogger finally speak to my photostream again for an updated diashow (this is killing me right now...)
- Using the phototream option as a placeholder as long as the above doesn´t work
- Trying to make it look less shitty


- Travel report for prague
- Cologne Zoo and Shopping in Düsseldorf
- More bento and cooking stuff
- Journal stuff for my stalkers...