Donnerstag, 10. Juni 2010

It´s there!

Last week a member of Nekobento started a selling-of from the things she brought from Japan but realized at home that she bought too much. On her list was a black and white yukata (summer kimono) from Hayashi kimono. I couldn´t resist...It was soo hard for me to wait for the postman to arrive. One hour ago finally the door bell rang and I knew that I had to try it on immediately:

Photo isn´t so great but BF is still at work :(

I´m so happy that I fitted so well because I am surely the opposite of a japanese women´s figure.I think it looks good, but I have to improve my kitsuke-skills. So long I will not show you how this looks from behind, because the hanhaba obi is a mess and the collar doesn´t stand up like it should.

It took some time to realize that there was an additional strap to fix the yukata while tying the obi which was sewed in the right sleeve! There was also a yellow-colored hanhaba obi, but I liked the red one I purchased last year  on a japanese festival better (mostly because it´s wider, so that the bust-line doesn´t look too silly)
In the pakage were some little kompeito-sweets and a totally cute kanzashi-hairband (you can see it in the picture, too:) Thanks a lot you-know-who-you-are!

Mittwoch, 9. Juni 2010

Anpan and BF´s first bento

Today I started to enjoy my vacations my way. I stayed most time of the day in the kitchen and tried some new reciepes (whem I have to work Ì am too lazy to try new things that may be failures). This is mostly because BF finally accepted my offer of making bento for us both and I had to have something eatable to put into a hungry man´s lunchbox.

I started with a nice  bowl of  "Schnitzel"-chillicream-hotpot with noodles. I´m so glad that BF decided to have a bento for lunch at work yesterday. This way I am able to kill the massive leftovers from my cooking-spree. After that was done I proceeded to cook at pot of "Gulasch".
That was exausting because the kitchen was so foggy ans warm while I was roasting the beef and cutting tons of onions and bell pepper. After 4h at very low heat it was finally done.

To keep myelf busy while waiting for the gulasch I finally tried to make some anpan. I always didn´t dare to bake some of these because I was scared that I wouldn´t like them. But when BF and I visited Düsseldorf we had the chance to grab some of the fluffy goodness at Bakery Taka. I liked the cream that was inside with the anko. I had a recipe from here but added 50ml of whipped cream (not sugared) to the filling. They came out petty good and BF liked them. Next time I will also add some pudding-powder to the filling to get it more firm and to prevent it from flowing out:

And here is BF´s first bento:

Upper tier: "Schnitzel"-chillicream-hotpot with noodles and a flower made from carrot and green onion
Lower tier: Lindt nougat-praline, grapes, tomatoes and the last anpan (there was also a tiny bag of jelly-fruits)