Samstag, 13. August 2011

Summer Christmas!

Today I recieved my "Wichtelpaket" from Nekobento. My Secret Santa was Pasa (who was in turn after me with the J-Stuff Swap  *g*).

 The tension is rising...

What was in?

- 2 rice bowls (GREEN and red)
- Almond Pocky
- Chocolate cookies
- Anko mochi
- Honey (for good health:))
- Organic Chocolate
- Charcoal
- Pencils
- Maneki Neko cell phone straps
- Makurokurosuke (self made, yeah!)
- lots of candy (ginger, mango, daifuku)
- heart shaped food picks
- geisha postcard (loooove!)


@ Pasa: Vielen lieben Dank! Du hast meinen Geschmack echt gut getroffen. und dann sooo viel, ich dachte es nimmt kein Ende beim Auspacken...viele tolle Kleinigkeiten mit Liebe  zusammen gestellt, das hat man echt gemerkt. Du hast meinen Samsatg gerettet (hab heute Nachtdienst >_<; ). Jetzt kann nix mehr schief gehen und die Gesundheit ist auch gerettet (sehr aufmerksam von dir!). 'happyhappydesu*


Herzlichen Dank auch an Ekolabine und Satsuki die die ganze Aktion so toll gemanaged haben!

Special thanks to Ekolabine and Satsuki who were so nice to make this round of Secret Santa game possible!

Cupcake Friday: Working with Leftovers

It´s Friday* again and BF gets some sweets for his short work day (because lunch is skipped at his office). I had some leftover mini apricots I bought for the bento stock that weren´t looking so nice anymore. Two weeks ago, I bought this book and found the right recipe in it for my problem: "Peach-cream-cupcakes".

*Actually it´s Cupcakerday now...forgot to upload it yesterday...

 I also had the peach-passionfruit-curd in the fridge for the frosting with the best before date nearly expired...this kind of curd is great because it comes with chocolate chips in the lid that you can stir in before eating: Perfect for cupcake decoration! I used two cups of them to get 200g curd (and eated what was left...) and the choco chips for the topping. I also blended in some fresh apricots with the Thermomix to get a nicer color.

Dienstag, 9. August 2011

If summer won´t come...

..and there is no need for a bikini shape, you should make cupcakes!

Freitag, 5. August 2011


Present for my J-stuff swap victim (Kätzchen) on Nekobento!

I deceided to trade the box, even if it outdraws the price limit because i never used it. It bought it on J-list because i thought i needed a cute box when i started bentoing. But actually i prefer my classy boxes and i don´t like the edges of the box which made it hard to pack. So maybe someone else is happy about having it instead even if it isn´t new (actually i have never eaten out of it because i aborted the first try packing ist and used another box instead because of the mentioned edges...). I´m glad to have the chance to make a kitty-lover happy;)

Montag, 1. August 2011


Auf Nekobento wandern wieder die Pakete. Pasa und Marichan haben die Pakete am 15. Juni mit jeweils acht Dingen oder kleinen Päckchen im Wert von je 2-4€ gestartet. Über 10 Stationen pro Gruppe geht es jetzt wieder zurück zu den Startern.

Meine Katze fands auch spannend:

So, nun war es bei mir und ist jetzt auf dem Weg zu Pasa die das erste Paket gestartet hat. Ein großes Lob und "Danke" dafür an dieser Stelle. Hab dir noch was "privates" reingelegt zum Umzug und für meine Extrawurst  (Jaja, ich weiß Regelverstoß *selbstauffingerhau*), hoffe du freust dich!

Sonntag, 24. Juli 2011

My little holiday....

was over so soon...

But I must admit that i wasn´t lazy. Here is what was going on in my kitchen the last few days:


Chicken-Chili with nacho and cheese-crust on rice
Baileys-Icecream-Cake (from Küchenzaubereien)...

...served with marinated strawberries

Delicious Pork and veggie filling...

...for Not- "Kare"-Pan

Everything combined in a bento

(added some fresh maki-sushi, grapes, mini-"Kinderschokolade", cucumbers, bananas and a "Snickers"- muffin)

There will be recipes when i find some time to translate them ;)

Freitag, 22. Juli 2011

Gewinnspiel auf Erdbeerkirsch!

Auf Kirschkuchen findet derzeit ein Gewinnspiel statt!

Es gibt tolle Preise zu gewinnen und auch ansonsten lohnt sich ein Besuch auf diesem tollen Blog immer wieder!


Please visit Kirschkuchen for a great lottery (Only if you´re from Germany, Austria or Switzerland or know someone who the pakage can be sent to!) and great japan, bento and food articles!

Mittwoch, 20. Juli 2011

A spaceshuttle landed in my kitchen

Some months ago, my mother was invited to a Vorwerk party. She got home with something that i wanted to have since i first heard of it: The Thermomix. When we were invited for dinner she made delicious fresh strawberry icecream in about 1 minute. My already very high level of jelousness went trough the top...but actually I still bothered about the price of it as well, that always kept me from buying one myself.

But Vorwerk offers an option with which a new born TM owner can get additional discount: Throw a party and invite the representant and help to sell her another TM to the guests. So my mother did, but the bargain was actually fail for her: As loving mothers are she bought the one needed for the discount for me as a birthday present...maybe she won the lottery and didn´t tell me...

I couldn´t believe it...when i was searching the web for recipes and how-to´s from time to time someone always would tell me: "Well you can do it that way...but if you want it easy and can afford it use a TM for it!". First i was very sceptical. There is no food processor that can do every task and can cook the processed food at the same time...well i was wrong. The more i read about it my interest grew and now i became a lucky TM owner over night.

Montag, 18. Juli 2011


On May 23th to 27th BF and I went to Prague.

Monday May 23th:

We went to Düsseldorf International Airport early in the morning by car. We had made a parking reservation there beforehand so we could just use our credit card as parking ticket. Unfortunately the parking area was quite a bit away from the departure terminal so we had to walk a little. Next time I know that high heels are definitely not an option for completing my travel outfit.

Dead AND Alive

I am currently trying to revive this blog...

Check list for today:

- Hack my own Flikr account because i forgot my password...
- Upload recent bento pics
- Make blogger finally speak to my photostream again for an updated diashow (this is killing me right now...)
- Using the phototream option as a placeholder as long as the above doesn´t work
- Trying to make it look less shitty


- Travel report for prague
- Cologne Zoo and Shopping in Düsseldorf
- More bento and cooking stuff
- Journal stuff for my stalkers...

Montag, 31. Januar 2011

I know what you did last week in your kitchen!

Again, i have to admit that work is much more stressful then I though at the beginning of the year. So here is a little backlog of dishes that came out of my kitchen in the last few weeks:


150g butter
200g sugar
5 eggs
250g cake flour
1 ready made sponge cake in the size of your springform pan
2 spoons apricot jam
500ml milk
400ml cream
1 pinch of salt
80g vanilla pudding powder
4 sour apples
50g shredded almonds for decoration

Knead butter, 100g sugar, 1 egg, and the cake flower to make a firm dough. Wrap into kitchen foil and let it sit in the refridgerator for 60 minutes.

Grease your springform pan and fit the sponge cake into it (take it out again afterwards, we need it a steap later)

Coast the dough really flat an fit ist in the pan, dont forget to coat the rim, too. spread the apricot jam on the dough and put the spongecake onto ist.

Mix milk, cream and salt. Cook half of the mixtured with the remaining sugar. The other half has to be mixed with the vanilla pudding powder. Add it to the milk-sugar mixured when it´s boiling. keep stirring until the mixture starts to get firm. Let it cool and add the remaining eggs carefully

Heat the oven (180°C). Peel and cut the apples into halves and put them on the sponge cake. Pour the cream over the cake and bake it for 60 minutes. Let it cool a little and gently lift it out of the pan. Decoration time with almonds! Bon appetit

Freitag, 21. Januar 2011

New box me I´m addicted!

A few weeks ago I was shopping for japanese groceries at Ja-Mart. i couldn´t resist to browse trough their Ourdoor and Bento section. And there it was: A cute little box with butterflies (I already had the matching foldable fork in red). Unable to convice myself that I already own thousands of bento-boxes, it ended up in my shopping cart ;)

It is pretty small for my on-shift appetite (230 and 160ml said the sticker on the box but I really doubt it...) but I managed to stuff in a lot of delicious things, though:

Upper tier: broccoli, meatballs, grapes, risotto, flower made of carrots and snap peas
Lower tier: more broccoli and carrots, cauliflower, gyoza and dip
(Note: this bento is pretty much the same then the one in my previous post because I did it a day later and still had so much leftovers. Sorry for the late update *g*)

Freitag, 7. Januar 2011

Happy New Year, Happy New Bento!

I´m back. Finally!

A late Happy New Year to everyone (is there anyone out there anymore?). I almost forgot about my blog, but I wanted to go back to bentoing in 2011. I hope I can post some new pictures every week. I will try to bring a bento to every late shift now... (bento in the morning shift never really worked, most time I had to take it home again and eated it for lunch)

The year started slower on work than usual. Maybe some things will  finally change to the better now. It really seems to get less stressy and there is some new staff in the hospital to help us. I appreciate doing "my" work again. The last few months of the last year were horrible because we had to do too much of the doctors´ work for them. But enough about work now, let get started with bento again!

I bought a new cute kitty box and matching resuable chopsticks before christmas to help me keeping my new year´s bento resolution. It has a total capacity of 500ml.

Here is my box for tomorrow:

Upper tier: Meatballs, gyoza, some grapes, gyoza dip in the small box, mini chocolate
Lower tier: Veggie-risotto with some carrot blossoms