Mittwoch, 7. Juli 2010

Lucky me: 3rd price in Bento-competition!

I feel so happy because the Nekobento- Competition is finally over. I never thought that there was a chance for me because there were so many great other entries. The voting was totally anonymous and we weren´t alloud to post pictures of our bentos somewhere else. In the first round there where over 60 participating bentoers. But after we entered the second round with only 12 competitioners left I was very sure which bento came from which fellow bentoer ;)

Congratulation to Token (1st) and Murasaki (2nd), too! And big thanks to all voters and critiques!

But finally, here is the bento I entered with:

Left: puff pastries filled with veggies in soy sauce, apple bunnies, grape and banana-skewers, meatballs, tomatoes, veggie and shrimp-tempura, cucumber slices, chinese noodles underneath

Right: Chicken karaage with tonkatsu sauce in the penguin, daigaku imo with sesame, more tomatoes, green asparagus, rice and katsudon

There will be pictures of the winner´s gifts, that were sponsored by Neko-chan, when the delivery-boy finally rings my doorbell (I´m a little bit afraid because the pakage was shipped with Hermes, I do not like those unreliable guys, really).


  1. Ich gratulier dir ganz herzlich^^ Bin gespannt wie dein Preis aussehen wird ^-^

  2. Gratulation!!! :D Es sieht soooo lecker aus mit Abstand das am schmackhaftesten Bentos im ganzen Wettbewerb! Da bin ich mal sehr gespannt was in der Erdbeer-Tüte drin ist! ^_^ Ich hibbel auch schon die ganze Zeit rum, hab mir das Teil extra in die Arbeit schicken lassen, weil unser Hermesmann unberechenbar ist ^^°