Freitag, 21. Januar 2011

New box me I´m addicted!

A few weeks ago I was shopping for japanese groceries at Ja-Mart. i couldn´t resist to browse trough their Ourdoor and Bento section. And there it was: A cute little box with butterflies (I already had the matching foldable fork in red). Unable to convice myself that I already own thousands of bento-boxes, it ended up in my shopping cart ;)

It is pretty small for my on-shift appetite (230 and 160ml said the sticker on the box but I really doubt it...) but I managed to stuff in a lot of delicious things, though:

Upper tier: broccoli, meatballs, grapes, risotto, flower made of carrots and snap peas
Lower tier: more broccoli and carrots, cauliflower, gyoza and dip
(Note: this bento is pretty much the same then the one in my previous post because I did it a day later and still had so much leftovers. Sorry for the late update *g*)

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