Freitag, 7. Januar 2011

Happy New Year, Happy New Bento!

I´m back. Finally!

A late Happy New Year to everyone (is there anyone out there anymore?). I almost forgot about my blog, but I wanted to go back to bentoing in 2011. I hope I can post some new pictures every week. I will try to bring a bento to every late shift now... (bento in the morning shift never really worked, most time I had to take it home again and eated it for lunch)

The year started slower on work than usual. Maybe some things will  finally change to the better now. It really seems to get less stressy and there is some new staff in the hospital to help us. I appreciate doing "my" work again. The last few months of the last year were horrible because we had to do too much of the doctors´ work for them. But enough about work now, let get started with bento again!

I bought a new cute kitty box and matching resuable chopsticks before christmas to help me keeping my new year´s bento resolution. It has a total capacity of 500ml.

Here is my box for tomorrow:

Upper tier: Meatballs, gyoza, some grapes, gyoza dip in the small box, mini chocolate
Lower tier: Veggie-risotto with some carrot blossoms


  1. wundervolle box und echt lecker! liebe gyoza! :)

  2. Hach, ich liebe diese Box. Habe sie selber auch. Genau die richtige Größe und genau die richtige Form. Sieht lecker aus, was du da gemacht hast.

  3. Welcome back! An awesomely cute and stylish bento set to start the new year with, love it--miao!