Samstag, 13. August 2011

Cupcake Friday: Working with Leftovers

It´s Friday* again and BF gets some sweets for his short work day (because lunch is skipped at his office). I had some leftover mini apricots I bought for the bento stock that weren´t looking so nice anymore. Two weeks ago, I bought this book and found the right recipe in it for my problem: "Peach-cream-cupcakes".

*Actually it´s Cupcakerday now...forgot to upload it yesterday...

 I also had the peach-passionfruit-curd in the fridge for the frosting with the best before date nearly expired...this kind of curd is great because it comes with chocolate chips in the lid that you can stir in before eating: Perfect for cupcake decoration! I used two cups of them to get 200g curd (and eated what was left...) and the choco chips for the topping. I also blended in some fresh apricots with the Thermomix to get a nicer color.

The dough was stirred by the TM too, so I could clean my kitchen in the meantime and prepare the frosting. I still didn´t dare to whip the cream in the TM because the presenter told us to be careful with the whipping device while working on a high rotation speed: It might break. Actually I think that it is built for it but sometimes I just mess with the settings in the heat of the kitchen mother always whippes her cream in it and it work fine :( I´m just a fraidy-cat because the TM is soooo great and I don´t want to break it.

Today is my first day of work again and I will have a "Schnucki-Dienst" (roughly translated: darling shift). This means that I´m working with my best friends husband with which I have some strange platonic relationship :) He calls me his "working wife" because his real wife works on another floor and I´m his "replacement" in the meantime because sometimes I make some bento for him too when we have a shift together.

Here is what we will be eating today when there will be time for a break:

Potato gratin, teriyaki-veggies and bellpepper in the first tier, tuna balls, ebi-furai, dipping sauce, grapes, and some sweets in the other tier! I needed 25 minutes for the two bento...I´m improving and my bento stock in the freezer and fridge helps me so much. Thank you all for your great tips and recipes (I looove the internet, and especially the food-blogging-community)!

Fun Fact: I´m back in the 90´s! Yeah (Buy them, maybe they will come back for longer! ;))

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