Dienstag, 9. August 2011

If summer won´t come...

..and there is no need for a bikini shape, you should make cupcakes!

 Last week I got a nice recipe on from another Nekobento user (thx Ketsurui!) from Rezeptefuchs. I saw it and had tó try it. Chocolate is always worth a try! The original recipe is vegan...but as you all know, I´m totally omnivore. So I replaced the soymilk with the real thing. I really hate the taste of soymilk because its so artificially sweet. Speaking of sweet: The cupcakes are reeeealy sweet. I shouldn´t have put the mini-donuts on top...they remind me of childrens´ birthday parties. But the dough is delicious. The frosting is a little bit too sweet..next time i will try to add some cocoa.

Without frosting:

I also spent the week with rearranging the whole flat. I got a nice new shoe-drawer, a mirror and a new kitchen table. That table is awesome, because it has drawers and can be expanded if you need some more space to work on. Now I have finally found a place for my less needed cooking and baking utensils that crowded my other drawers. I really like my kitchen neat and oraganized. I bought some new Tupper Eidgenossen, too, so my storage of dry foods is completely save from food vermins and other yucky things. I´m really happy with my kichen now. Finally I solved my cat in the kitchen problem with this: dee´s kitty litter hideaway! It´s great...I was tempted to buy a room divider to give my cat some privacy and my guests less disgusting sights...

Right now I´m enjoying to have some days off work with lots of cooking and baking. Yesterday our (BF and I had to share because I´m not a millionaire) iPad 2 arrived after two long weeks of shipping. I use it mostly in the kitchen to try new recipes or googling for cooking tips. But it´s nice to watch movies in the bathtub or the bedroom. But I think need some more apps...I still use my laptop a lot (like for blogging) because I have everything I need in a accustomed place (like photos and stuff). Maybe I must get used to it first and find out how everything works...

There is need for a green laptop...

Today I made bread, herb butter (from my freshly planted balcony herbs) and  chicken-cheese-stew:

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  1. Hallo,amaaris,
    Luxurious,beautiful decorated Cakes!
    For Children is this wonderful!
    I think,for me a little too sweat,as you too.

    Thank you very,much,you visit my Blog and write a Komment !
    Schönes Wochenende!
    Rumiko aus Japan