Donnerstag, 3. Dezember 2009

Amaa´s Anatomy goes international

To follow the example of my fellow bento-bloggers, this blog will be in nice ingrish from now on.

Short indroduction for my new readers (just to be optimistic...): I´m a german health care professional and I started making bento to have some weight control and to get rid of some some problems concerning food sensitivity. I started working in the hospital again on tuesday and i try to take a bento with me every day. Days 1+2 are german only but when i have some time i will try to translate the indregents later. Non-food entrys will stay german-only because i still use this blog as my journal, too.

So here is today´s bento:

Basically the same as yesterdays bento with a little variation. I try to use leftovers and keep a good stocked freezer to avoid to much trouble with my time management. I usually pack my bento in the evening. At the moment i am still spending too much time on them (40-60min)...i apologize for the bad photo was dark outside and i wasn´t in the mood for a big photosession including proper lighting with my i just grabbed my little IXUS for that job...
Upper tier: slices of banana and kiwi, cereals, little piece of chocolate and meatballs (out of the package)
Lower tier: Onigiri sprinkled with furikake, grapes, teriyaki-style veggies with sesame seeds and the rest of the leftover oven-chilli (with chicken and gnocchi).


Upper tier: Again banana and kiwi-slices, plain onigiri, meatballs and a piece of Lindt chocolate
Lower tier: Farfalle with salmon and spinach, cherry tomatos and grapes and a (don´t laugh) blue easteregg for some color

You can keep all typos, misspellings and my screwed up grammar and be welcome at my little OR also known as my kitchen ;)

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