Donnerstag, 24. Dezember 2009

Christmas-Jubako and bento for Santa´s little helper

First off all, I want to wish you, my readers, a Merry Christmas. Thank you for supporting my blog this year. I hope we will meet again next year and celebrate our love for food and cooking together!

So here is my first Jubako I did for my collegues who will suffer the Christmas late shift with me today:

Teriyaki-beef and green asparagus, chicken marinated in honey-chilli-sauce, Yakisoba with shrimps und some bell pepper stars

Puff pastries filled with grounded beef. veggies and feta, Makisushi with salmon, cherry tomatoes, grapes, kiwi slices

UPDATE: I was awarded for this bento by tatabonita from Bonito´s Cooking Wonderland :

Thank you, dear!

I must admit, I love my new Box. Everything nestled in as it was supposed to be. I really think it looks good even if the decoration isn´t so well done. The form of the box itself is so interesting that it makes the diffence.

Bento for Santa´s little helper:

Left: Puff pastries filled with grounded beef. veggies and feta, Yakisoba with Shrimps
Right: Tuna-mayo-onigiri rolled in sesame, cherry tomatoes, meatballs, grapes

This photo was taken with the EOS again under supervision of my very special neighbour (a.k.a. Santa´s little helper^^). Thank you for your helpful advices!


  1. Ich wünsche dir auch fröhliche Weihnachten und einen super guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr! Das Jubako sieht sooo lecker aus, da haben sich deine Kollegen sicherlich sehr gefreut! Wow, bin echt beeindruckt! Bis nächstes Jahr :D

  2. Ich wünsch dir ebenfalls Frohe Weihnachten und einen Guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr <3

    Wenn ich die Bilder oben sehe bekomme ich Huuunger *_* Das sieht so lecker aus!

  3. Amaa, your first Jubako turned out so pretty and yummy ... the bento also. Your friend & neighbour are so lucky to have it.

  4. Super-pretty Jubako bento! The red pepper stars are an excellent and healthy decoration, love this detail! Your co-worker is a lucky duck :)
    Happy New Year Amaa!