Freitag, 18. Dezember 2009

Underneath my christmas tree...

...are some new bento boxes and other stuff! It is a little bit early, but I plan to celebrate my christmas shift with my collegues who have begun to accept my habit of bringing strange little boxes to work. So I ordered some big jubako to share some food with them on the late shift next thursday (Christmas Eve).

On 25th and 26th I will be working, too but I plan a little hiatus for the blog and the bento-stuff because we will get some treats from the hospital´s kitchen for christmas. I really like my self prepared food, but for christmas I want some nice turkey with good german potato dumplings and red cabbage or some venison...

I got the new boxes via the french Shop Bento&Co. You don´t have to be fluent in french to order because the shop system is very easy to understand. I payed with paypal and my packet arrived within a week. It seemed to be packed in Japan, because the wrapping paper was a japanese newspaper and there were custom marks from Japan on it. I think they send the goods first to France, added the bill there and sent it to me then, because I only payed the shipping cost for europe.

But enough of my shopping experience, here is what you are curious for:

A new furoshiki for the jubako
Bowl-type bento box
Big 2-tier Sakura jubako
Smaller 3-tier laquer-style jubako
Some Wiener cutters (penguin and octopus)
A chicken-furikake dispenser
Some new cutters
Three pieces set of onigiri-boxes (I like the grumpy "Norio" most)
Some food picks

And at last: Late shift-bento for tomorrow:

Upper tier: Gnocchi with salmon and spinach, Teriyaki-style veggies (the last of them), meatballs with snappeas
Lower tier: grapes, small Lindt chocolates, three types of cherry tomatoes, tofu nuggets, kiwi and banana-slices

I really don´t want to go to work today...yesterday we had a totally horrible shift. While the quality audit the hospital didn´t get new patients, so we had time to clean our ward and everything, but after the audit was over and the head of staff had come to tell us that we passed, the ambulance was opened again and we literally drowned in the amount of new patients...

My legs hurt so much today, I can barely walk. It feels like I ran 9 hours from the ward to the ambulance and wait THAT is what I did! At least a was able to shove in my bento in 10 minutes (actallly I have 40 minutes of break in my contract, but this is what you have to pay when every second counts to rescue someone) and found some time for a little smoking break (Yes, we are health care professionals, but show me a nurse or a doctor who isn´t glad to stand outside in the freezing cold and have a little peaceful cigarette-break far away from yelling patients ;))


  1. Gnocchi with salmon and spinach looks mouthwatering. A lot of bento stuffs there, lucky you! Hope you can take a break for a while and have enough rest :)

  2. Oh, so tolle Boxen! Aber ich will lieber nicht wissen, was du dafür bezahlt hast ^^"

    Auch wenn du nicht auf die Arbeit willst wünsch ich dir viel Spaß ;)

  3. Beautiful bento boxes and I especially love the onigiri boxes! I haven't had gnocchi in such a long time, your looks and sounds wonderful with the salmon and spinach!

  4. Thank you all! The gnocchi were ready-made...just added some fresh salmon that I fried in a pan and frozen spinach ans mixed everything together.