Montag, 21. Dezember 2009

Last work bento before christmas and re-organized Pantry

So this will be the last bento before christmas:

Upper tier: grapes, Lindt nougt, banana, cherry tomatoes. tofu nuggets
Lower tier: Tortellini with veggies, ham and cheese, meatballs, brokkoli

On Christmas Eve I will prepare a jubako full of nice food for my collegues. I glad that I will have the day off before so I can spend some time in the kitchen for it. I still have to plan what will be in so I can go shopping tomorrow after work. I have some tasty things waiting in my freezer, too.

I saw nicely packed sakura jubako (like the one I got this week) made by Bento Bliss on Flikr today that inspired me a lot. I find it always a little difficult to pack a new box. You have to figure out how to drape the food to look nice and fill the box to the maximum.

I had two days off so I tried to clean up my kitchen a little and to make it more organized. I started with my pantry because often I go shopping and buy things that are still hidden in the fathomless depth of my cupboard ...

On the upper tier are the things I don´t need so often (my hangiri and my bamboo steamer and some instant ramen for emergency cases)
On the second tier are my canned goods and some "Miracoli"-noodle and sauce mixes as well as cake-mixes for suprise family visits
On the lower tier are various kinds of noodles, rice and other dry stuff.

I finally managed it to pack all my kinds of rice and small amounts of dry food that always flew around and made a huge mess in the Tupperware my mother gave me when I moved in with my BF. I even had to order the ones with blue lids because there was so many food that was not packed properly. But they become so handy when you finally had the opportunity of a free evening for arranging things new.

At last I fished out my old Windowcolor-Set I used a lot when this kind of crafting was en vogue years ago,  to create some tags for the storage-bins.

I am sorry for not posting any "before" images, but I was to ashamed to take a photo of that mess ;) Now I am happy and the kitchen is ready for the new bento-year 2010.


  1. Wow, everything is so neat and organized! I need to do that with my kitchen. :) Beautiful bento.

  2. Are those tupperware containers? I am a fan of tupperware. Yummy bento always looks yummy and well-pack :)

  3. Ohje, Küche aufräumen ^^" Ja, das müsste ich auch mal wieder, aber hier ist einfach kein Platz >.< Vielleicht in meiner neuen Wohnung ;)

    Dein BEnto sieht lecker aus! Und weißt du was ich lustig finde? Ich mach den Kommilitonen meines Schatzis für Morgen auch ein Jubako ^-^
    Bin gespannt auf deines ;)

  4. Hemmm.... what a lovely, yummy, and healthy bento you have here! Happy Xmas Amaa :D

  5. Thank you all!

    @ Lia: Yes, these are all Tupperware containers. Most of them (the ones my mother gave me) are over 20 years old, gone thousands of times trough the dishwasher and still look good. She buyed them after my parents married in the beginning of the 80´s and now they are helping to organize my kitchen. I totally trust in Tupperware (and no I am not related to them in a financial way, haha)and I think I can give them to my yet-not-existant children some day!

    I wish you all Happy X-mas, too (The first of the oversea-readers must have hit Christmas Eve by now, while here it is still "the day before" :)