Sonntag, 6. Dezember 2009

Happy Nikolaus!

Today, we have a special day here in germany. Saint Nikolaus is visiting the nice and behaving children and giving them some apples, cookies, nuts and chocolate. But they have to put out their freshly cleaned boots in front of the door the evening before...then they will be magically filled over night ;)
Just compare it to the tooth-fairy mixed with a little christmas spirit.

Actually i wanted to do a chara-ben for today. But then i was too lazy and too afraid to scare my bento-ignorant colleagues so much in the first week ;)

So i had this one:

Upper tier: Sweet casserole like yesterday, grapes, banana slice and Lindt Chocolate heart
Lower tier: Tortellini-veggie-ham-gratin, tofu-nuggets (forgot the dip, doh...) and cherry tomatos

Recipe for wafer-apricot-casserole (for Lil-chan)

300 g Ready-made wafers (Eierwaffeln zum toasten)
480 g Peaches or Acricots (can)
4 Eggs
200 g whipped cream (H-Sahne)
1 packet vanilla pudding powder for cooking

200 ml milk
2 TS suger
4 TS almond splits
powdered sugar (for decoration)

Cut wafer into triangles. Let fruit drip off well and cut into pieces. Put everthing into greased oven-proof-dish.

Heat the oven on 175°C. Mix eggs, milk, cream, sugar and vanilla pudding powder and combine well. Roast Almonds in a pan without grease.

Tip the egg-mixture over the prepared wafers, decorate with almonds and cover everything with aluminum foil. Let it sit in the oven for 60 min and serve hot or cold with powdered sugar.

Reciepe "Waffel Ofenschlupfer" is out of "meine Familie & ich" 12/2008, translated it myself ;)


  1. Herzlichen Dank für das Rezept ;) Werd es sicherlich mal testen^^ Bin ja so eine Süßschnisse ^-^
    Dein Bento sieht wirklich aus als würde es satt machen ;) Schade dass es kein Charaben wurde. Aber vielleicht machst du ja noch welche für Weihnachten ;)

  2. Your bento looks very yummy ... looking forward to see your charaben bento ;o)