Mittwoch, 16. Dezember 2009

Three bento and a recipe!

I´m so sorry for not updating recently, but my week was a little stressy because of the stupid quality management thing in the hospital...but there is a recipe as a small treat for the people who pass by every day ;)

This was my bento for yesterday:

Upper tier: Maccaroni with "Zürcher Geschnetzelten" (chicken tenders in delicious sauce), peas and carrots decorated with some cherry tomatoes; some greek style veggies with feta cheese (I´m addicted to feta at the morment)
Lower tier: Banana, Lindt chocolate, grapes, pear dices, kiwi and some parmesan cheese for the macs in the penguin

This is today:

Upper tier: Chicken-veggie stir-fry with basmati-rice, veggie-meatballs, shrimps
Lower tier: banana slices, grapes, Lindt choco-heart, mini-spring rolls, puff pastry filled with marmelade

And this is for tommorow:

Upper tier: Banana, grapes, piece of Lindt nougat "hidden" underneath, puff pastry filled with chocolate cream, cherry tomatoes, kiwi slices
Lower tier: "Spätzle" in a creamy-curry sauce with fruits, veggie-meatballs, teriyaki-style veggies (they are one of my favorites and they look decorative)


"Eine Schüssel" ("One bowl", by my mother in law)

200g uncoked Gobetti (small, short Spaghetti)
1 small can of peas
1 small can of corn
1 red bell pepper
200g diced ham/salami whatever you like
200ml cream
100ml milk
some grated cheese (as much as you like, but at least 100g)
Seasoning mix "China" (or some curry and ginger)
Granuled onion
Grated dried chilli

1. Boil the gobetti until "al dente"
2. Cut the bell pepper and ham into small dices and mix with the dripped off veggies out of the can.
3. Mix spices and grated cheese into cream and milk and stir into the veggie-mix
4. Mix the dripped off noodles and the rest of the ingredients in an overproof bowl, sprinkle with some cheese and let it sit in the oven for 40 min at 200°C (cover with aluminium foil when the cheese is golden brown

I´m sorry for the vague quantity at the seasoning, but since this is a "family recipe" it is just spiced like everyone likes it...I learned it directly from my mother in las and knew how it should is quite spicy for the normal european taste :)


  1. Schön wieder von dir zu lesen ;)
    Und deine letzten Bento sehen wirklich lecker aus ;)

    Weißt du was lustig ist? Wollte dich genau nach dem Rezept fragen xD Aber wenn ich es nachkoche werd ich den Chili weglassen ^^" Mag scharf nämlich garnicht.

    Also dann, lass dich vom Qualitätsmanagement nicht unterkriegen (kenn die Prozesse, zwar nur theoretisch, aber immerhin^^)!! Und noch eine schöne Restwoche ;)

  2. Wow ... 3 yummy bento in a row, will you have a break during the Christmas or you still will be in the shift at hospital?

  3. @ Lil+chan: Schön, dass dir das Rezept gefällt! Leider geht meine Woche noch fast bis nächste Woche...muss das Wochenende arbeiten :(

    @Lia Chen: Thank you! Unfortunately I will have to stay in the hospital for christmas and work the late shift. But when I can cut time somewhere I will fill a jubako-bento with everything I can get ;)

  4. Amaaris, I didn't know that you are from Germany! Beautiful bentos and I am loving the macaroni with chicken tenders. My daughter thinks it's so cool that I know someone from Germany now. :)

  5. oi, gleich 3 super leckere Bento-Boxen :D Das Rezept hört sich verdammt lecker an. Ich hab noch nie asiatsiche Gewürze mit Käse gemixt und aufgebacken... Das muss ich auf jeden Fall mal probieren (glaubst du, dass es trotzdem schmecken wird, wenn ich den Schinken/Salami weglassen? ^_^)

  6. @Susan: Thanks a lot! I think it is great how you can meet people with the same interest on the internet who come from all over the world. The globe grows smaller from day to day ;) Greetings to your daughter from good old germany *g*

    @token: Das Gericht ist das totale Resteverwertungsessen. Meine Schwiegermutter schmeißt da manchmal alles rein was noch weg muss. Man kann bestimmt auch Tofu reinmachen...oder diese vegetarischen Hähnchenstrips oder Garnelen oder Fisch...

    Ich war auch erst etwas skeptisch mit dem Chinazeug und dem Käse aber es ist sooo lecker:) Schmeckt überigens am 2. Tag am besten..wie fast alle Aufläufe.

  7. It's true the world grows smaller as we meet each other through bento! I love your bento, and thank you for sharing the pasta bowl; I like the family traditional recipes like this!

  8. This looks like a perfect recipe for a snowny night--I'm interested to try it! This bento is full of tasty treats--yum!