Donnerstag, 10. Dezember 2009

Cleaning up and christmas preparations, washing, cleaning kitchen, making bento. Check. I´m done...and the late shift is waiting for me.

Bento for today:

Upper tier: Farfalle with cheese and veggies, cherry tomatoes, tofu nuggets
Lower tier: Puff pastry filled with chinese veggies and chicken in soy sauce, banana slices, grapes and Lindor star

I´m so happy right now. My new car has finally arrived at the car dealer and we will get it on saturday, so i can drive to work with my own car. I hate driving other people´s cars because I always have the bad feeling that I may damage them...The color ("Cronos Grey") looks so great. Hasi (BF) took some photos at the shop for me yesterday, isn´t that nice? I am so glad that I decided against the green...everyone has a green I´m more special now, haha.

I´m so looking forward to christmas...but right now I don´t get in the mood because of the shitty weather outside...I want some snow and i want it to be a little colder. I really hate that rain all the makes me depressive. So I try to get in the mood by wrapping my christmas presents. I bought very nice paper in a cream color with cute angels on it matched with violett-blue ribbons. I like it ;)

I think I have to order at J-List again after christmas...I need some more bento-boxes in other shapes... both of my 2-tier-boxes look the same and i think it gets boring on the photos. I have a red hello-kitty box with a little different shape, too,  but I need to give my colleagues some more time to deal with that...

I actually want the Totoro-thermo-set...and an onigiri-shaped-box, that cute sakura-shaped-box and a sealable don-bowl *sigh*. But right now it is enough...just made an amazon-order few minutes ago, because my father asked me to order a certain Pandora-bracelet-bead for his GF. Then I checked my bank account balance and saw that my former employer had finally sent my paycheck for last month: So I browsed through my wishlist for things that I could order...and than it happed again: 150€ total gone in the end. I hate myself for beeing such a shopaholic...but I deserve it, because I work very hard for my money *nodnod* ;)


  1. Tofu nuggets sound interesting! Yummy bento. Congrats on the new car ... you must be excited :o)

  2. Sieht lecker aus wie immer ;)
    Hehe, enues Auto könnten wir hier auch gebrauchen, aber das ist nicht drin. Hoffe du zeigst uns bald die Bilder ;)
    Das mit dem Weihnachtsgefühl kenne ich. Bei mir kommt auch nicht so recht Stimmung auf, weil ich so viel mit meiner Thesis rumsitze *seufz* Aber kann man wohl nicht ändern.

    Ich bin auch dauernd in Versuchung was neues zu bestellen *g* Aber eigentlich hab ich mittlerweile so vieles, dass ich es erst einmal benutzen sollte ^^" Aber es gibt immer so viel tolles, was man eben noch nicht hat! Ach ja... ;)

  3. Wie hast du die Tofu-Nuggets (das sind die in der unteren Box, oder?) gemacht, das sieht echt lecker aus. Ist das ein Fertig-Produkt?

  4. Das in der unteren Box ist Blätterteig mit Hünchen und Gemüse gefüllt...funktioniert wie Karepan nur mit aufgetautem fertigem Blätterteig drumrum. Die Tofu-Nuggets sind gekauft