Sonntag, 13. Dezember 2009

New car and new book racks

Second post for today...what attention whore am I?

Yesterday was a little bit like christmas...but even more stressy.

First Hasi and me went to Mazda to get my new car. It looks so awesome with its strange color. And it has around 103hp (Sport Edition with cute spoiler *g*) at an  overall weigh of 1,03t which means I look like a racedriver housewife and this is just great ;) Here is the first pic taken by my little paparazzi neighbour:

After the car was paid and the commermorative photo was taken we went to my soon-be-be parents-in-law to give them their Seat Ibiza back and pick up Hasis father for our trip to IKEA. Hasis parents gave us money to buy some new book shelves for the bureau instead of christmas presents but we had to rely on their big VW Golf Plus to transport them (yes we have three cars now, but no big one for transportation issues...). And so the horror began: After searching a proper parking space, I saw that there were the first scratches on the back of my new car :(  Must be happened at Mazda while they assembled the car...then we went in.

Actually it was quite empty because it was early in the morning and there were not so many children as usual (don´t get me wrong, I like children, AS long as they can behave and have parents who look after them and hold them and their dirty fingers back from the stuff I want to buy). So we hurried trough the furniture exhibition and the market hall (grabbed some 1€ stuff like napkins and some decorative things) to the storage area to find BILLY, BENNO and the matching lamps (forgot the stupid name).

It took us a few minutes to find the right storage racks but actually it went quite well (or we tough it would at that moment). Then we realized that the maching lamps were stored back at the market back again, agianst the masses of people coming from the right direction OUT of the hall. For gad´s sake we found the right spot lights quickly.

Then we rushed to the IKEA you now have to scan the barcodes yourself, directed by a very nice IKEA usual the stupid scanner couldn´t read alll barcodes on the first try...but it went quite well this time (because I checked all goods for the barcodes twice before they went in my shopping basket...). After paying everything was sored in the big, hungry trunk of thy Golf and we went home...I sighed out loud because I thought that the mindfucking part was over now, but I was wrong.

After carrying all the stuff up to our flat we started to assemble the first BILLY. The first nearly-marital quarrel took place after Hasi realized that his tools were all at the place where he is working on this project for this study. Then he remembered that there were tools in the garage, too but the was too lazy to get them and tried to orderme to get them for him. As I was exausted, too I refused to go downstairs again for a thing HE forgot there.

So I started to rummage through his tool rack in our storage closet and he started to freak out. But I found a cordless screwdriver in there and we could start assembling. The first srews went in and then Hasi realized that be need a hammer...yes, right, the tools were still in the garage. He tried again to sent me but I was going mad...after a little screaming he went down to get everything after I made the false bargain to assemble billy alone then ;)

While he was downstairs I realized that I wasn´t able to assemble the big BILLYs just by myself and after a little poor-girl-can´t-read-manuals we were able to build everything up in a quite good team-players manner again. But after assembling the small BILLY-extension-racks we realized that they were sold in two different sizes...we wanted to buy the long ones but bought the half we decided to leave them as they are and assemble them to each outer corner of the two BILLYs and put BENNO in between.

It took us a couple of hours and we were totally stoned by all the furniture-polish-aerosols coming out of the new racks but it was worth it:

Nearly empty, but you can see our Lindt christmas calenders where I get my bento sweets from in the moment

Not so empty anymore, complete with cat approval...and sad lamp is soo sad :(  (they are only fixed with Tesa Power Strips in the moment, because we didn´t dare to screw them in properly at the moment. That is the reason why they fall down every now and then and look a ittle like they are sad ;))

Hence I decided that all my bento look the same I had to order some new boxes. The french shop Bento&Co had some nice offers for christmas on the same things sold on J-list but the shipping is much cheaper here in europe ;) So this week I don´t really envy my DHL-delivery boy who will have to carry everything I ordered up my stairs *muhahaha*

I really needed something to make me happy this week because we have a quality manegement audit at the hospital and we will all die from it...I swear. Tomorrow I will have to go to the local tattoo parlor to get rid of all my facial piercings (we are alloud to wear them usually...but the head of staff thinks it will scare the auditor more than the 90-year-old grannys on my ward...)...THAT will be fun, and even more to put them back in on thursday when everything is over.


  1. Oh thanks! Keep rolling, rolling, rolling...*sing*

  2. WoW nah der schaut ja nicht schlecht aus!

  3. Are you still driving that car? I love its trim! Anyway, it's Christmas again. What are your plans for this year? But whatever you choose to do, be happy and grateful for the blessings you receive everyday.