Donnerstag, 17. Dezember 2009

First snow and a bento

A few days ago I had a conversation with Lia Chen about it is here. When I woke up early this morning I first didn´t recognized it, but when the first kids were running outside in their pyjamas and were yelling and tossing snowballs at each other I looked out: Everything was powdered white...

Little impression of the first snow here:

I had to be quick when it was getting light because all of the nice snow was already melting again. Now it is just all grey and mushy :(
I hope christmas will be white...but the forecast says it won´t...

Bento for Tomorrow:

Upper tier: Onigiri with noritama-fruikake, grapes, rice mixed with thai-beef-curry

Lower tier: Last cherry tomato, banana slice, Lindt chocolate-star, thai cookie roll, meatballs, and teriyaki-veggies (made a huge badge this time...)

Still waiting for the christmas present I ordered for myself from france :( I hope it arrives today. I like getting packets so much!

Edit: It is there...unpacked it and made some photos, so stay tuned for my next entry and see what will be underneath my (non-existant) christmas tree this year ;)


  1. Wow... thanks to share the snow picture with us. This surely is one of my dream not come true yet hehehe :) Your 2 tiers bento look yummy with all the foods inside.

  2. Ôh du hast Schneeeeee!!!! Ich will auch =( Naja, wird wohl nix, hier in Freiburg ist es einfach zu warm.)

    Schade dass du den Schnee nicht genießen konntest. Bento sieht lecker aus wie immer ;)

  3. Thank you two!

    Lia, you can come over in the winter with your kids and stay at my house for a week;)
    We could cook together then! ;)

  4. SNOW- oh how wonderful!!! We don't get any here where I live. :( Beautiful and yummy looking bento too! :)